Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Micro Worlds" Portfolio

I've been experimenting a bit more with my Indra's Net shots, and have put together a sample portfolio of some of my recent favorites. The portfolio is as much a display of my growing archive of these "micro worlds" as it is a test for a wonderful, and freely available, JAVA-based album creator, called JAlbum.

After installing the program, creating the portfolio could not have been easier. You simply drag your selected images into the JAlbum window (once opened, of course), select an album skin you like (I chose one called LightBox2, drawn to its simple elegance), go through the available options (row, column, display text, EXIF data, and so on), and click make album. I changed the background color and added a few lines of text in a standard HTML editor, but that's about it. Technology as it should be: it's there to provide all you need with minimal hassle, and the artist can just focus on the art. Highly recommended for those of you looking for simple - but elegant - album generators.


Gary Nylander said...


Your Micro Worlds is just marvellous work, very beautiful !


Anonymous said...

do you have history or other words to describe the image at the very top of your blog home? (in the title box) what made you select it for your title image?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Andy. You have an absolutly stunning body of work. I will back often to see what you are up to. Very inspiring work. Best Regards,Joe.

Oberon said...

......great stuff.....i can feel it.

Anonymous said...

this is by far my favorite blog!