Sunday, December 14, 2008

Discovering the "Himalayas" in a freezer-full of ICE

The autumn is over, work is piling up at my day job, the administrative side of joining the Lorton Arts Photography Workhouse is beginning to borrow from my "photo safari" time on weekends, it's cold and miserable outside, and my muse is either sleeping, disinterested, or just out taking pictures somewhere without me ;-) So, what is a photographer to do?

I do not know who first said it, or was the first to express a sentiment similar to this, but an often repeated photographer's adage is, "If you can't find a photograph in your home, what makes you think you'll find one in the Himalayas?" Thus, paying homage to this wise adage (and with the Himalayas very much on my mind, if only because I recently finished re-reading Jon Krakauer's extraordinary personal account of the 1996 tragedy on Everest called Into Thin Air), I turned my attention to the ice in our freezer. My muse (who made an unexpected, but most welcome, last-minute appearance!) and I soon started searching this make-shift aesthetic landscape for any "mini-Himalayas" that might catch our attention.

The result is a small, but growing, portfolio of abstract images that I call - with uncharacteristic brevity - ICE. Although it is very much a work in progress, I already feel the healing power of its primal forms, tones, and textures. Perhaps a few photos in the series even manage to show the ice both as "it is" and - echoes of Minor White - what else it is. Regardless, my muse and I are just happy to be back together again and exploring the beauty and mystery of the world with my camera; even if that "world" (for the moment) consists of nothing more than a few chunks of ice from our freezer. Of course, neither truth nor beauty cares anything about what others call the place that is their home.


Todd said...

I can relate to this post particularly. I ended up going out and getting some of the dead grasses that we plant each spring. I photographed them against black fabric on Saturday. I was wondering if you were using a flash to give you such highlihts?


Gary Nylander said...

Hi Andrew,

A very good series of ice images, beautifully done !


Unknown said...

Very inspiring in deed!

katie said...

I love your ice; but the name does not do it justice - I feel warmth emanating from it.

Mark said...

I can also relate to this, and need to remind myself of all things local there are to photograph when I am feeling jealousy of others traveling to far off lands.

Anonymous said...

beautiful ICE series, congratulations Andy
Charlotte X. C. Sullivan mixes ink with soapy water and allows the bubbles to dry on paper. I like how you can sometimes see the burst bubble.

Anonymous said...

So true.
As a photography student I usually feel the same.
Although I don't have much time, I do try sometimes to photograph around the house just to cheer up and remind myself that photography IS fun.

Purple Cat said...

Just to say that I love your photographs
Happy new year!
XX Purple Cat

Jeremiah Miller said...

Hello I am an intermediate photographer looking to go Professional, and get paid to do what i love. My blog is a representation of my informational journey to that aspiration. Any knowledge you can offer would be fantastic as you seem to have mastery of the tools I wish to use. Also, well said, if you cant find a picture in your house, what makes you think you can find one in the Himalayas. This inspired me to take a few around the house photos.Jeremiahs Journey