Monday, September 21, 2009

A Full Preview of "Elements of Order" Book

About two years ago, in Dec 2007, I was privileged to have a solo exhibit of 24 of my photos at a book store/gallery in Coral Gables, Fl (you can look up a blog entry I wrote up about it at the time here). Not too long afterwards, I self-published a book woven around the theme of the exhibit - "Natural Order" vs. "Human Generated Order" - called Elements of Order. The book includes all the photos that were exhibited, along with about twice as many additional images that fit into the same theme.

While the book itself is not new (indeed, I've published about a dozen since; they are all listed on one of the sidebars on my blog), Blurb has just introduced a new policy whereby authors now have the option of allowing previews of the entire contents of their books.

So, as an experiment, I have made the entire contents of my Elements of Order book fully accessible on-line. When you go to the link provided, just click anywhere on the image of the book's cover that appears in the top left of the page (where it says "preview book") and you will be allowed to "read" the book at leisure on your screen.


Qanths said...

Your book sounds interesting, I'll definetly look into it!

Harry Simitian -

Tony said...

Stunning images. Particularly liked Tonal Meditations.


Matt Sanderson said...

I love the new feature on Blurb. Your book is stunning, great photos and mood.

I'm a recent finder of your Blog. Do you, or are you intending on, writing an article about your technique? In-camera, post, etc... That sort of thing? Forgive me if you've already done so, I'm still reading through most of your posts!

- Matt