Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Muse Slowly Opens Her Tired Eyes ...

"Art is the perception and depiction of the sublime,
the transcendent, the beautiful, the spiritual...
Art is the eye of the spirit,
through which the sublime can reach down to us,
and we up to it, and be transformed,
transfigured in the process.
Art, at its best, is the representation of
your very own soul,
a reminder of who and what you truly are
and therefore can become."
Ken Wilber (1949 - )


Roy Schneider said...

We all need a reminder. Thank you !
Good to see your brilliant work again

Volker Becker said...

I'm glad you're back again. Really missed your photographs and musings.

Unknown said...

Love the photo,,so much!!!!! Plus I am a big Ken Wilber fan, read all of his books. Thanks for posting...

peace ~ John

Carla said...

Thanks for your note, I absolutely love your philosophy and the images you produced. Will stay tuned for more beautiful work. Carla