Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reality vs. Illusion vs. Perception vs. Understanding

“The camera is not only an
extension of the eye but of the brain.
It can see sharper, farther,
nearer, slower, faster than the eye.
It can see by invisible light.
It can see in the past,
present, and future.
Instead of using the camera
only to reproduce objects,
I wanted to use it to make what is
invisible to the eye — visible.”
Wynn Bullock (1902-1975)


mamuulia said...

Absolutely amazing; photos do not look like photos but like abstract paintings that one would like to jump in and experience peace... and music...

Anonymous said...

That is sublime.

GroovyGeek said...

I have to disagree with mamuulia --- photographs that do not look like photographs are boring (to me). The beauty of the images here is that they have enough linkage to reality and are yet shrouded by mystery. I have been reading David Ward's books lately and find them fascinating, make of the images I see here have the same qualities of simplicity, beauty, and mystery.