Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Symbols, Myth, and Language

"No longer in a merely physical universe,
man lives in a symbolic universe.

Language, myth, art and religion
are parts of this universe.

They are varied threads which
weave the symbolic net,
the tangled web of human experience.

No longer can man confront reality immediately;
he cannot see it, as it were, face to face.
Physical reality seems to recede in proportion
as man's symbolic activity advances.

Instead of dealing with the things
themselves man is in a sense
constantly conversing with himself.

He has so enveloped himself in
linguistic forms, in artistic images,
in mythical symbols or religious rites that he
cannot see or know anything except by
the interposition of this artificial medium."

Ernst Cassirer
Philosopher (1874 - 1945)


devdan said...

what kind of picture is this?i have no idea at all

Aerial Videography Bali Jakarta Indonesia || comingsoon || infobright

Andy Ilachinski said...

Devdan, all I can say ;-) is that "part" of the picture is an overhead shot of trees. As for the rest, all I can say is that there was no "Photoshopping" involved ;-) The truth: it is a shot of what was *once* a print of trees overhead, but a print that - a few years ago - suffered an "accident" in my basement and was partially covered by water. The resulting "smudge" was "rediscovered" by me a few years ago and my dad liked it so much (he, an abstract painter) he had the *photo* of the damaged print framed and hung in his studio. The shot you see here is a recent shot I took of my dad's photo of the damaged picture. (True!) Hope that clears it up ;-)