Friday, July 15, 2011

Evidence of Mutability

"Through falling from its previous function, and thus outliving the use originally conferred upon it, the ruin transgresses and subverts our everyday encounter with space and place. In the space of order and regulation, boundaries are delimited and linear. Being in place means knowing the limits of that place. So long as those limits are respected, then indeterminacy is evaded and the impression of space as productive can be maintained. At the same time, urban space undergoes domestication until it gathers a sense of how it ought to be. Rendering its structural properties apparently a priori, the space for malleability automatically assumes a deviant quality. If delimited space is productive, then space which broaches those boundaries will be termed wasted or otherwise expendable. In the ruin, the elements of waste and marginalization are crystallized...what was once built to testify to a singular and eternal present becomes the symbol and proof of its mutability."


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I wanted to thank you. I saw your recommended books at the end of your Churchville slide presentation. I found a used hardback copy of Nature's Chaos in perfect condition. Marvelous book. I can't put it down. I've read Gleick's "Chaos" several times over the years. I wonder why I hadn't run into Elliot Porter's work before now?

Are you familiar with the work of John Daido Loori? I found John when I googled Zen of Photography. I immediately purchased two of his books: "Making Love with Light" and "The Zen of Creativity."

I found your site during that same search. I was looking for Tom Ang's "Tao of Photography" and discovered your wonderful images instead. Synchronicity?

Andy Ilachinski said...

I'm delighted that my slides have pointed you into interesting new directions! May your journey be a joyous one. As for John Daido Loori, indeed I know his work well. I wrote a sad blog entry in Oct 2009 to mourn his passing: