Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Appearance of Being

“In the evidence and the limit the
appearance of being.

To create the conditions:
The truth appears.

Responses of the Real
to thoughts questioning.

The infinite and the frame:
The mind is the means,
The mind is the limit.

Levels of Reality.

Contingent and Infinite.

Interpretations of Being.” 

SILVIO WOLF (1952 - )
From "Photography," in Paradiso


Unknown said...

I like the untangible in the photo and the righting. Greetings from afar. Jorge

Barbara Bullock-Wilson said...

I love the poem as well as the images you've been posting in the last few months. Wonderful work!

Marisa said...

Beautiful image and words...

Unknown said...

Poetic and inspiring - looking through your recent posts, makes me ponder about things :) great blog; great everything really!