Sunday, November 05, 2006

Autumn Color Abstracts

Autumn is that beautiful time of year during which I both rejoice in nature's wondrous colors and am reminded of (and sadly lament) my ongoing struggles to reproduce them in fine-art print form.

As I've revealed in several past posts, I generally shy away from color prints (or color photography of any kind for that matter!) for two reasons: (1) I do not generally see the world in color (being naturally predisposed to forms and tones), and(2) I am (still) unable to "previsualize" (ala Ansel Adams) the final color print.

While I on occasion get "lucky" and produce a serviceable print, I am not even close to being able to accomplish this with any predictable regularity. Thus, I both eagerly await the emergence of autumn's remarkable palette, and prepare myself for the inevitable challenge of - and, usually, the ensuing disappointment in my inability to - properly render what my "eye/I" really saw/felt.

Sprinkled here are a few "autumn color abstracts" that caught my eye and lens. However, please be warned that the images appearing here were created using the Adobe RGB color space, and not sRGB (which is the default viewing space for web pages) that you are likely viewing them with. Thus, the beautiful fall colors (which you'll have to take my word really existed! ;-) unfortunately appear very muted here. Nonetheless, I hope the images convey some sense of fall's beauty.


Anonymous said...

These are absolutely beautiful, gorgeous color pictures.

Thanks for posting such lovely pics!

Anonymous said...

Well these images don't look muted to me at all. As a matter of fact I find them quite vibrant but not over the top. You can always convert them to sRGB in Photoshop with a convert to profile move, so you know exactly how they will display. But I find these lovely.

Hmmm also, I wonder about your insistence on the previsualization thing. There is a place for serendipity and post capture image manipulation that can create wonderful images without being a slave to some in-the-field feeling about how it all "should" be in the finished print.

After seeing the original negative and work print of Ansel Adams' Moonrise and knowing how fast he made that image, I just cannot believe that the whole thing was previsualized. Way too many changes in that image to even think of it.

Just some iconoclastic comments for you. Love your color abstracts and your blog in general.

Scott Jones

Zen said...

Wonderful indeed! I just discovered I view them larger !!!! sweet!

Ayelet said...

These are so very beautiful. How? How?

Fall is my favorite season, I think. That's part of why a decision to move to Palm Beach, Florida is so difficult for me. My family has a wonderful opportunity there, but I'm not sure I can stand the insipid climate. I adore the changes of the seasons too much.