Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boundaries, Mysteries, and Eternity

"Every man takes
the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world." -Arthur Schopenhauer Philosopher (1788 - 1860)
"Man is the great mystery of God, the microcosm or the complete abridgement of the whole universe... a hieroglyphic of eternity and time." - Jacob Boehme Mystic / Theologian (1575 - 1624)


Joy Mystic said...

What suggestions you can offer that I can use to see the world as it is instead of what my limits deceive me or worse as I want to see the world?

Andy Ilachinski said...

The first step is to learn the ways in which our senses distort reality; the second step is attain a comnfort level in knowing that not all of "reality" is knowable, and that much of what is taken for "reality" is created from within; the third (but, far from last) step is to learn to transcend distinctions between "objective" and "subjective" interpretations.

Evans Photography Shop said...

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Joy Mystic said...

Can you elaborate more on the third step; "transcend distinctions between "objective" and "subjective" interpretations". Maybe an example. Thanks!

Andy Ilachinski said...

Joy, you ask a very difficult question to answer within the span of a blog comment! For a glimpse (of my answer, which is still evolving of course) please look at my review of "Luminous Ground" by Christopher Alexander:


If this question is important to you - on a deep level - I urge you to purchase this book. It is a world changer.