Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Harmony and Attunement

"Broadening our attunement beyond the horizons of the individual self awakens one to the meaning encoded into existence - a kind of cognitive "super-logic" that reveals a different purpose, a larger pattern, than anything we might previously have imagined. That is exactly what a spiritual awakening is - shifting from one perspective to another, until we finally glimpse meaningfulness where our mind could not perceive it before."
- Vilayat Khan
Sufi Teacher
(1916 - 2004)

"In studying ourselves,
we find the harmony
That is our total existence.
We do not make harmony.
We do not achieve it
or gain it.
It is there - all the time.
Here we are - in the midst
of this perfect way,
and our practice is
simply to realize it
and then
To actualize it
in our everyday life..."
- Hakuyū Taizan Maezumi
Japanese Zen Rōshi
(1931 - 1995)


Roy Money said...

Again and again you find choice words that speak so eloquently of spiritual awakening - and one that is so close at hand.
A deep bow,

Andy Ilachinski said...

A sense of awakening evoked by words spoken by others can only come about in the soul of one already awake. A deep bow.

Christian said...

I found your blog via a link from Crashingly Beautiful. I instantly bookmarked it due to the gorgeous photography and thoughtful posts. It's very wonderful here.

Andy Ilachinski said...

Christian, I appreciate you stopping by and your kind words! (At least) half of photography - any art - is in sharing and elicitting a response from others. So I am delighted you have found something of value on my humble little blog.