Saturday, February 05, 2011


Having, with my last post, reached 200 blog entries over the seven years that I've been posting - and apropos of nothing in particular - I was curious to see what form a word cloud of my blog would take. There is a site that allows users to link to the URL of any blog (or any other web page that has an Atom or RSS feed) and then automatically generates a wordle. The wordle may be loosely tuned by selecting the font, color, visual layout, and toggling on/off the use of common words.

The resulting wordle for my blog - as of Feb 2011 - appears at the top. It is amusing to learn that - despite (or, perhaps, because of) my predilection for philosophizing, blending art and science, and general musing about all kinds of Borgesian and Kafkian realities, the most common words / phrases that fall out (i.e., are rendered in the largest font size) are, in order:

the whole

As to what the cosmic significance of this particular list is, and what deeper truths it reveals - if anything - either about my past intellectual / aesthetic meanderings and/or the likelihood of specific future trajectories, I haven't a clue ;-)

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Joy Mystic said...

Very cool. It was worth a try. One thing.. The first time I tried it, it gave me "dream" as the most appeared word on my site but when I tried it few minutes later, it gave me "man" instead and "dream" was no where to be found. Dream was heavily shown in my front page at the time of search.

Try it again now and see if you get the same results. Maybe it takes sometime to access your entire blog. I'll dig into it later to see if there is more to it. Take care!