Sunday, May 08, 2011

Self-Same Distinctions

"A monk once asked Shao-shan,
'Is there any phrase which
is neither right or wrong?'
Shao-shan answered,
'A piece of white cloud
does not show any ugliness.'"
- Shao-shan's Phrase koan

"Where others dwell,
I do not dwell.
Where others go,
I do not go.
This does not mean to
refuse association with others;
I only want to make
black and white distinct.""
- Pai-yun's Black and White koan


Andrew Etchen said...

the subtle grass leaves in the foreground make this photo. great capture and as always, I enjoy the quotes.

Sydney Photographer said...

Excellent stuff...keep it up.

Unknown said...

A beautiful composition, so soft and calm. The foreground grass has a really pronounced effect.