Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Not About the Images

While there is perhaps
a province in which the
photograph can tell us
nothing more than what
we see with our own eyes,
there is another in which
it proves to us how
little our eyes
permit us to see.
(1895 - 1965)

"Writing is not about words.
Painting is not about pigments.
Music is not about tones.
As long as photographers
insist that photography
is about photographs,
the art is limited
and self-containing."
(Issue 18, Summer 1997)


SJCT said...

So very true. It's tough to keep this all in mind sometimes, but it will definitely show in our photography if we do.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful quotes, Andy, and so true - no art form is art per se. It doesn't begin to be art until its definitional boundaries are not only explored, but pushed aside...

brisbane photographer said...

Andy, excellent work. Looks so good. Keep the good work going.

Terry said...

This photograph is beautiful! I love the quality of the B&W image. Great perspective on this shot.


Chasing Tao said...

Gotta LOVE this! ☺