Friday, February 03, 2012

Hermeneutic Mysteries

"I see photography as an extraordinary means to undertake an exegesis of the Real, prompted by the first and literal level: the image of the evident objects. Any subsequent new meanings are discovered and rendered manifest through a hermeneutic process unfolding from the limited surface of the photograph; new interpretation will spring from the depth of the apparently flat surface of its image.
As with the sacred texts, all levels of meaning of a photograph are contained within its boundaries, simultaneously present to be discovered and revealed. Through a photograph we may see and transcend the object, moving further from its literal sense.
We are the interpreters of a great mystery: we belong entirely to reality and are part of this mystery.
In a 1995 presentation that Michelangelo Antonioni made of Beyond the Clouds, the film that proved to be the last one of his life, he said:

...we know that beneath the image revealed there is another one more faithful to reality, and that beneath this image there is another one, and again a new one under this last one, up to the true image of the absolute and mysterious reality that no one will ever see..."

"Photography and Torah"
(quoted from The Edge of Vision, by Lyle Rexer,  p. 281)

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