Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful Numinosity

"You enter a profound state of non-manifestation, which is experienced like, say, an autumn night with a full moon. There is an eerie and beautiful numinosity to it all, but it’s a "silent” or “black” numinosity. You can’t really see anything except a kind of silvery full­ness, filling all space. But because you’re not actually seeing any particular object, it is also a type of Radical Emptiness. As Zen says, “stop the sound of that stream.” This is variously known as shunyata, as the Cloud of Unknowing, Divine Ignorance, Radical Mystery, nirguna (“unqualifiable”) Brahman, and so on. Brilliant, silvery radiance, with no objects detracting from it.

This has an overwhelming spiritual feel. It becomes perfectly obvious that you are abso­lutely one with this Fullness, which transcends all worlds and all planes and all time and all history. You are perfectly full, and therefore you are perfectly empty. “It is all things, and it is no things,” said the Christian mystic Benmen.

Awe gives way to certainty. Of course, that’s who you are, prior to all manifestation, prior to all worlds. It is called “seeing your Original Face,” the “face you had even before your parents were born.” In other words, it is seeing who or what you are eternally."

- Ken Wilber (1949 - )

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