Sunday, March 13, 2016

What is Order?

“What is order? 

We know that everything in
the world around us is governed
by an immense orderliness. 

We experience order
every time we take a walk.
The grass, the sky,
the leaves on the trees,
the flowing water in the river,
the windows in the houses along the street,
all of it is immensely orderly. 

It is this order which makes
us gasp when we take our walk.
It is the changing
arrangement of the sky,
the clouds, the flowers, leaves,
the faces round about
us, the order, the dazzling
geometrical coherence, together
with its meaning in our minds. 

But this geometry which means
so much, which makes us feel
the presence of order so clearly,
we do not have a language for it.”   

(1936 - )

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