Monday, September 06, 2021

Divine Language

"… symbolism seems to us to be
quite specially adapted to the needs
of human nature, which is not
exclusively intellectual but which
needs a sensory basis from
which to rise to higher levels.
… the highest truths, which would not
be communicable or transmissible
by any other means, can be
communicated up to a certain
point when they are, so to speak,
incorporated in symbols which
will hide them for many, no doubt,
but which will manifest them
in all their splendor to the
eyes of those who can see.
the world is like a divine language for
those who know how to understand it.
… if the world is the result
of the Divine Word offered at
the beginning of time, then nature
in its entirety can be taken as
a symbol of supernatural reality."

- René Guénon (1886 - 1951)
Fundamental Symbols, The Universal Language of Sacred Science

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